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1:00pm-4:30pmRalph FletcherRevitalizing the Writing Classroom


8:30am-9:45amLester LaminackLessons from Squirrels - Let Us Be Fearless

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LocationOxford, 80Somerset, 110Pembroke, 80Kensington, 270Windsor, 300Hampton, 115Eton, 80
Session #1, Thursday: 10:15-11:45amLisa Aker - What should I say? How to pick a prompt?C. C. Bates - Using Running Records to Build a Reading VocabularyJaNiece Elzy - Engaging Struggling Readers: Leveraging the Science of Learning for SuccessMatt Glover - Nurturing Language CompositionPam Grayson - Familiar Reading: More than a warm up!Enrique Puig - Transitioning from ABC Word Walls (K-2) to Affix Chart (3-5)Debra Rich - Constructing a Firm Foundation: Roaming Around the Known
Session #2, Thursday: 1:00-2:30pmSue Duncan - Too hard, too easy, or a just right book?C. C. Bates - Using Running Records to Build a Reading VocabularyJamie Lipp - Purposeful Planning Throughout the Reading Recovery Lesson: Why, how and what now?Matt Glover - Increasing Engagement Through Choice of GenreMaryann McBride - Hard to Teach for ME!Jeff Williams Enhancing Comprehension: Notice and Note for K-4Becca Doswell - Feedback: What a Learner Needs to Hear
Session #3, Thursday: 3:00-4:30pmWanda Mangum - Interactive Read Aloud Comes Alive!Pamela Wills Lancaster - Reading and Writing ConnectionsLacia Wymer -Addressing a Child’s Particular Difficulties in Reading Recovery: Teaching Reflections and Research FindingsNancy Anderson - Matching Strategic Activity and Word Work Across a LessonCindy Fujimoto - Book Orientations: Change Over TimeMary Fried - Targeted Teaching and Learning While Learning and ReadingCindy Fujimoto -Book Orientations: Change Over Time


8:30am-9:45amNancy AndersonSounding Out is Not Enough: Teaching for Transfer

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LocationOxford, 80Somerset, 110Pembroke, 80Kensington, 270Windsor, 300Hampton, 115Eton, 80
Session #1, Friday:10:00-11:30amJamie Lipp - Writing in the Guided Reading Lesson: From Optional to OptimalLisa Aker - Working with WordsEnrique Puig - Assisting or Assessing: Teacher Language during Guided ReadingC. C. Bates - Designing Book Introductions for Individual StudentsPam Grayson - “Lifting” Student Learning in Literacy ProcessingMary Fried - Understanding the Complexity of Word Analysis During Reading in IsolationLacia Wymer - Instructional Strength: Increasing our Deliberateness and Instructional Dexterity
Session #2, Friday:12:00-1:30pmWanda Mangum - Guided Reading: Powerful Small Group Instruction to Accelerate Reading GrowthBecca Doswell - Differentiation: “Kids Differ. Teachers Matter.”JaNiece Elzy - Language as a Resource: Honoring Language Variations of African American Vernacular English (AAVE)Maryann McBride - Scaling the Scale of HelpJeff Williams - Teaching for Executive Functioning in Reading RecoveryPamela Wills Lancaster - It’s All About the Talk: Rethinking the Role of Classroom Talk to Enhance UnderstandingDebra Rich - The Power of Conversation: Composing the Story

Session Descriptions

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Reading Recovery Session Presenters

Reading Recovery Conference_027_1_
  • Nancy Anderson
  • C.C. Bates
  • Sue Duncan
  • JaNiece Elzy
  • Mary Fried
  • Pam Grayson
  • Jamie Lipp
  • Maryann McBride
  • Deb Rich
  • Jeff Williams
  • Lacia Wymer

Classroom & Group Literacy Presenters:

Reading Recovery Conference_007_1_
  • Lisa Aker
  • C.C. Bates
  • Becca Dosewell
  • Cindy Fujimoto
  • Matt Glover
  • Lester Laminack
  • Pam Lancaster
  • Jamie Lipp
  • Wanda Mangum
  • Enrique Puig
  • Jeff Williams